• Architectural Control Board (ACB)

The ACB is the approval authority for all property owner construction within the development. All plans for new construction, additions, out-buildings, fences, etc. must be approved by the ACB prior to starting the construction. The board meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday at 6:00pm in the Black Creek Center.

ACB Handbook rev 5.07.15
ACB Application rev-3.24.16

ACB Meeting Minutes 02-11-2016
ACB Meeting Minutes 01-28-2016
ACB Meeting Minutes 01-22-2016
ACB Meeting Minutes 01-14-2016
ACB Meeting Minutes 10-08-2015
ACB Meeting Minutes 09-24-2015
ACB Meeting Minutes 09-10-2015
ACB Meeting Minutes 08-27-2015
ACB Meeting Minutes 04-22-2015
ACB Meeting Minutes 04-13-2015

ACB Meeting Minutes 02-26-2015

ACB Meeting Minutes 10-09-2014
ACB Meeting Minutes 09-11-2014
ACB Meeting Minutes 08-14-2014
ACB Meeting Minutes 05- 22-2014
ACB Meeting Minutes 02-13-2014

ACB Meeting Minutes 01-09-2014

• Events Committee
It is the intention of this committee to organize and implement
scheduled social events for the Association. The committee is responsible for securing music, decorations, food, activities, and volunteers for assigned events. The committee meets the second Monday of the month at 9:30am in Black Creek Center.
Events Committee Min 04-11-2016
Events Committee Min 02-08-2016
Events Committee Min 06-08-2015

• Kiva Committee
The purpose of this committee is to make suggestions and facilitate solutions concerning safety, rules, maintenance, improvements, activities, and beautification of the common area known as Kiva. The committee meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:00pm in Black Creek Center. For the months October and April there is no meeting.

Kiva Min 8-3-2017
Kiva Min 5-5-2017
Kiva Min 4-6-2017
Kiva Min 3-2-2017

Kiva Min 5-5-2016

Kiva Min-4-7-2016
Kiva Min 3-2-2016
Kiva Min 2-5-2016
Kiva Min 1-14-2016
Kiva Min 8-6-2015
Kiva Min 7-2-2015
Kiva Min 6-4-2015
Kiva Min 5-7-2015
Kiva Min 4-2-2015
Kiva Min 3-5-2015
Kiva Min 7-7-2014
Kiva Min 6-5-2014
Kiva Min 4-3-2015

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